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Treatment Fee Schedule.

November 20, 2014- December 23, 2015

Examination / Consultation  
New Patient Examination (full history and oral examination) £80
Children from £15
Standard Examination £45
Consultations from £75
X-Ray (Radiographs)  
In House Free
OPG and other large radiographs (taken at St Mary’s Hospital) Free
Intra / Extra Oral Camera photographs Free
Magnification Loupes (essential for crown, bridge, veneer and examinations) Free
Preventative Dentistry  
Scale and polish plus oral hygiene instructions with hygienist per half hour £47
Extended hygienist visit (45 minutes) £71
Children’s hygienist visit and oral hygiene instruction £15
Periodontal (gum and bone disease) treatment with dentist per session from £125
Periochips each £15
Teeth Conservation  
Tooth coloured fillings (dependent on time) from £75
Amalgam filling (dependent on time) from £75
Bonded porcelain to precious metal crowns inclusive of temporary crowns (extra fees for post, cores ,copings) from £585
Full gold crowns (extra fees for post, cores, gold copings) from £585
Porcelain veneers from £395
Bridges (quotation is based on type of bridgework required) £POA
Each supporting tooth and each replacement tooth of the bridge from £585
Tooth Whitening (prior examination required)  
Bespoke Bleaching Trays inclusive of casts for upper and lower from £105
Zoom Day White / Nite White Bleaching Gel (per pack of six syringes) £72
Zoom in-surgery Power Bleaching (one and a half hour treatment) inclusive of take home bleach and bleaching trays £685
Study Models  
Upper and Lower casts £45
Casts Mounted on Articulator £75
Initial Consultation 30 minute consultation (Refunded if patients accepts treatment plan) £80
Quotations for implant treatment is bespoke for each patient CT SCAN (Cavendish Imaging London) £POA
Root Canal Treatment (all root canal treatments are exclusive of the final tooth restoration)  
Dependent on the number of root canals, curvature of the roots, repair damage to root canals and surgery time required from £425
Set of single use root canal instruments £45
Surgical Treatment  
Extractions per single tooth (time dependent) from £90
Multiple extractions (patient unique quotation given) £POA
Periodontal Surgery and surgical extractions (individual quotations given) £POA
Dentures ( inclusive of dental laboratory technician Fee)  
Partial all acrylic denture (per denture) from £345
Full acrylic denture (per denture) from £425
Full upper and lower set acrylic dentures from £825
Chrome Cobalt denture per upper or lower from £500
Appliance for jaw joint dysfunction from £245
Local Anaesthetics Free
Intravenous Sedation per hour £175
Teeth Straightening  
FastBraces £POA
Invisalign £POA
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